4 Recommended Best Automotive Technical Schools in the United States

Automotive engineering is a major for people who are interested in or have skills in the automotive field and are ready to work as technicians or the like. For those of you who are studying in the automotive engineering department, you can continue your studies by choosing the best automotive technical schools.

best automotive technical schools

Make no mistake, many people who take this education have succeeded in innovating in creating means of transportation. Actually, the prospects for graduate students majoring in automotive engineering are quite broad, even encouraging graduates to work in bona fide companies.

The Best Automotive Technical Schools

To get a promising job, you can study automotive engineering abroad, one of which is in America. Here are some recommendations for the best automotive technical schools in the United States that you can choose from:

  1. South Seattle College

The campus is located in Olympia, Washington, United States. You can choose to major in automotive technology at the university’s South Seattle College. The on-campus automotive technology program provides training facilities and equipment through ongoing support from industry manufacturers.

Then, students also have the opportunity to obtain ASE certification while at South Seattle College, thereby increasing job opportunities. The total tuition fee required on this campus is around Rp. 196 million. with a major associate degree.

  1. Michigan State University

The best automotive technical schools is Michigan State University in East Lansing, United States. The automotive engineering study program offered is for bachelor degrees equivalent to S1.

A mechanical engineering major with a focus on automotive power trains attests to student interest and expertise in subjects relevant to today’s automotive industry.

The industry, which is now dominated by internal combustion engine-powered vehicles, adapts quickly to changes in technology and environmental regulations and provides many career opportunities for mechanical engineering graduates.

Students who meet the requirements to study here will have expertise in the basics of combustion, modern applications of fluid mechanics and heat transfer, as well as various technical aspects of today’s vehicle powertrains.

In accordance with the facilities and learning that you get, you have to prepare a budget for tuition fees here of around $133,333. Wow, fantastic!

  1. San Mateo Colleges of Silicon Valley

You can also choose campuses with other automotive engineering majors at the San Mateo Colleges of Silicon Valley, based in Los Angeles, United States, to qualify for an associate degree major. To study here, the required tuition fee is around $16,000.

The Automotive Technology Program at San Mateo Colleges of Silicon Valley has received official certification from the Automotive Service Excellence Education Foundation (ASEEF). This program offers complete facilities. Even car manufacturers are said to have provided substantial support for this program.

Students can pursue an automotive technology degree or certificate or an Asian Automotive Technology specialty degree or certificate.

  1. St. Phillip’s College (Alamo Colleges)

Another best automotive technical schools are St. Philip’s College, located in San Antonio, United States, with qualifications majoring in an Advanced Certificate.

The Automotive Specialized Tuning and Enhancement Program (STEP) is designed to prepare students to enter the special vehicle modification industry. This training will make students familiar with aftermarket equipment installation and recalibration of vehicle electronics.

In other words, this school is specifically for training by adding skills in automotive engineering. The total required tuition fee is $3,600.

  1. Pittsburg State University

You can also choose a bachelor of science in technology in automotive technology at Pittsburg State University, located in Pittsburgh, United States. The qualification for this major is a bachelor’s degree.

best automotive technical schools

This automotive technology major at one of the best automotive technical schools in the United States offers the perfect choice for students who are interested in delving deeper into automobile education while also wishing to apply advanced mathematical skills by studying the physics and mechanical design of automotive engineering.

The 4-year course of study here covers management courses and prepares students for careers in the automotive and heavy equipment manufacturing industries.

Pittsburg State University is one of 10 colleges that offer automotive engineering with a bachelor’s degree. This program is in fact considered one of the top 3 choices for best automotive engineering schools.

What are The Best Schools For Automotive?

So, what is the best school for automotive? If you are interested in attending an automotive school in America, there are several recommendations for universities that provide automotive engineering majors in the United States, including South Seattle College, Michigan State University, San Mateo College of Silicon Valley, and St. Phillips College.

What Automotive Technicians Make the Most Money?

If asked what automotive technicians make the most money? The answer is automotive technicians at foreign companies. For the top 1%, income can reach $65,000 per year. Meanwhile, per month, she can pocket $ 5,400.

Meanwhile, the average salary of an experienced automotive technician is around $47,254 per year. while per month is around $ 3,400.

What is the Best Career in Automotive?

As explained above, there are many career opportunities for automotive technician graduates, including:

  1. Auto/motorcycle mechanic
  2. Automotive marketing
  3. Automotive product planning
  4. Technician and designer
  5. Safety engineer
  6. Development Design
  7. Maintenance planner
  8. performance engineer
  9. Vehicle dynamic controller
  10. Emission gas efficiency
  11. Maintenance and operations research

So, what is the best career in automotive? The best career in automotive is to become an automotive technician for a big company. Especially if you are studying abroad, many large companies are ready to accommodate you.

best automotive technical schools

Apart from the professions listed above, you can also become an entrepreneur by opening your own workshop and selling vehicle spare parts or producing engine components. You can have a chance of getting a large turnover by opening your own workshop because they are in great demand. so that the resulting turnover opportunities can be greater. Based on the explanation above, of course, you already understand what needs to be prepared before entering the best automotive technical schools. In addition to choosing the school, also prepare basic knowledge or knowledge about automotive. Especially if you want to study abroad, of course, you have to prepare not only funds but also a basic knowledge of automotive engineering.