Unlock The Secrets of 4 Automotive Technician Qualifications and How Much The Salary Is

Are you among those who are interested in continuing a career in the automotive industry? So, if that’s true, maybe majoring in automotive engineering is the right choice for you. So what are the automotive technician qualifications that must be met to be accepted? Check out the full explanation below.

What is an Automotive Technician?

automotive technician qualifications

Before discussing the automotive technician qualifications, what exactly is an automotive technician? Automotive technicians have expertise in the knowledge of mechanical engineering that discusses how to design and develop basic transportation equipment with machines, such as buses, trucks, cars, and motorbikes.

Generally, automotive engineering will combine several elements of knowledge, such as mechanics, electronics, electricity, safety, and environment, as well as basic subjects such as chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, and management.

Meanwhile, several topics will be practiced directly, such as Autocad, basic physics, engine drawing, production engineering, engineering drawing, gasoline motors, diesel motors, and engine elements.

There are several branches of automotive engineering, including planning (product and design), development (development), production (manufacturing), and maintenance (maintenance). Therefore, mastery of land transportation equipment is a must for automotive technicians.

4 Automotive Technician Qualifications

Of course, it is not easy to become an automotive technician. Because several things must be considered if you want to become an automotive technician, the qualifications must be met.

  1. Able to Operate a Computer

From day to day, the development of the automotive world is growing. There are vehicles that no longer use gasoline. Not a few of the cars encountered already used electricity and only needed to be charged.

Of course, with the advanced features that exist in cars, you also need sophisticated detectors to check them. To expedite this work, automotive technician qualifications related to computer operations and various software that can support technician work are needed.

  1. Basic Knowledge of Vehicle Engines

As for the basis for working in the automotive world, the next automotive technician qualification is to have a basic understanding of vehicle engines. Well, you can start with the parts of the vehicle and its functions. You must first major in mechanical or automotive engineering to get this knowledge.

  1. Can Communicate Well

All jobs certainly require communication skills, including those of automotive technicians. An example of the use of these automotive technician qualifications is when making structural reports to superiors and companies.

In addition, you can also communicate with buyers to explain about car repairs and so on. The establishment of good communication with consumers will certainly increase their loyalty.

  1. Understand How to Repair and Replace Damaged Parts

Disassembling, repairing, replacing, and installing important parts on a vehicle is the job of an automotive technician. So he must understand how to do it. However, if you don’t understand it well, Because, based on the experience of several technicians, automotive technician qualifications will be obtained over time.

What Are the Duties of an Automotive Technician?

automotive technician qualifications

To work according to their respective duties and functions, automotive technicians have several tasks. So, here’s complete information about the automotive technician job description.

  • Make a diagnosis of the cause of damage to the motorcycle or car.
  • Execute repairs according to the type and level of damage experienced by the motorcycle or car.
  • Inspect other parts carefully and thoroughly, then perform troubleshooting before it happens.
  • Order parts and other necessary equipment from automotive equipment suppliers as a remedial step.
  • Make various reports on the vehicle’s condition after maintenance and arrange routine checking schedules.

How Much is the Salary of an Automotive Technician?

After reviewing the automotive technician qualifications, the salaries for automotive engineering graduates vary widely and can even reach tens of millions. In addition to depending on experience, salary also depends on the position occupied.

For more details, you can check the explanation below for an estimated automotive technician salary.

  1. Automotive technician, approx $3,928 per month.
  2. Heavy equipment operator, approx $7,500 per month.
  3. Engineer consulting, approx $7,300 per month.
  4. Automotive company R&D, approx $8,300 per month.
  5. Locomotive engineer, approx $7,300 per month.

Apart from being an automotive technician, there are also several other job prospects that you can work on as an automotive engineering graduate, including:

  1. Motorcycle or car mechanic
  2. Automotive product planner
  3. Machine designer and technician
  4. Maintenance planner
  5. safety engineer
  6. The areas of noise, vibration, and harshness
  7. Vehicle dynamic controller
  8. Performance engineer
  9. Maintenance and operations research
  10. Development Design

Of the many job prospects listed above for automotive engineering graduates, apart from automotive technicians, which one do you want to choose?

Want to Become an Automotive Technician? Try Entering College at This Campus!

Yep, so that your knowledge about the automotive world is getting better and deeper, it is necessary to continue at a higher level. For that, there are several universities with the best automotive engineering majors in America that you can make your campus destination later.

  1. Minnesota State University
  2. Michigan State University
  3. University of Wisconsin, Madison
  4. University of Texas
  5. University of Kentucky
  6. San Joaquin Delta College
  7. Santa Barbara City College
  8. Arizona StateUniversity
  9. University of Alaska
  10. University of Delaware
  11. Ferris State University
  12. Wayne State University

These universities are known for their very strict entry requirements. So, not everyone can get into it. Naturally, this is important for the campus to ensure that the students it accepts are highly qualified. You can consider some of the colleges that get the title as the best as follows: Mastering the Machine: The Best 4 Colleges for Automotive Technician in the United States.

automotive technician qualifications

Because it’s not easy to be able to study at a top foreign campus, there are several documents that you must meet the requirements for, such as the TOEFL iBT, pBT, or PTE. Make sure to prepare it well in advance so that your opportunity is not wasted.

So, of the many universities in America, it might sometimes make you confused about which one to choose. For this reason, the tip is to choose an automotive engineering major that has received accreditation from a leading institution in the country. For example, it has been accredited by the ASE Education and ABET institutions. That’s information about automotive engineering and automotive technician qualifications that you must meet if you want to work in that position. If you are interested in a career in the automotive world, becoming an automotive technician is recommended.

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