What are the 12 Best Automotive Technical Institutes in America?

Not a few people are found to be interested in the automotive world because of the rapid growth in the field. In order to gain more knowledge to become an automotive engineer, you can choose the best automotive technical institutes in America, which incidentally is a country with very fast automotive development.

The Best Automotive Technical Institutes in America

automotive technical institutes

Before discussing automotive technical institutes in America, you must first know that automotive engineering itself is a branch of mechanical and vehicle engineering.

This relates to the development, manufacture, design, and operation of cars, motorcycles, and trucks. Instead of being curious, let’s check out what are the best automotive technical institutes in the United States.

  1. University of Texas
  1. University of Michigan
  1. University of Wisconsin-Madison
  1. University of Delaware
  1. University of Alaska
  1. University of Kentucky
  1. Minnesota State University
  1. Wayne State University
  1. San Joaquin Delta College
  1. Santa Barbara City College
  1. Ferris State University
  1. Arizona State University

When deciding to study at one of these institutes, you also have to pay attention to when you are supposed to graduate from that campus. It’s impossible to be a perpetual student forever, right?

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In the following, we have summarized some data about the duration of college based on the level of education in automotive technology majors in the United States. If you intend to continue your studies here, don’t forget to write down the length of time you studied.

  • Associate Degree in about 2 years.
  • A bachelor’s degree takes about 4 years.
  • Master’s degree around 1,5–2 years.
  • Doctor of Philosophy around 3,5–4 years.
  • Advanced Certificate about 6 months.
  • Graduate Certificate in about 6 months.

Reasons to Choose Automotive Technical Institutes in America

Of course, not without reason. No other than because the United States is one of the most popular countries to choose as your desired automotive major destination campus.

automotive technical institutes

Moreover, the development of automotive technology in America is known to be more advanced than that in other countries. However, if you’re still unsure, here’s another reason why you should attend automotive technical institutes in America.

  1. There are Many Choices of Universities and Specializations

First, this superpower country turns out to be a developing, highly sophisticated technology center. In fact, the automotive sector has not escaped the attention of US experts. That is what makes many campuses eventually create Automotive Technology study programs.

  1. A More Complete Curriculum

Because studying automotive engineering is not easy, every campus has designed and implemented a complete curriculum. The goal is for students to have more qualified preparation to face the career world.

The content of the curriculum emphasizes mastery of knowledge about the manufacturing, design, repair, operation, diagnosis, and maintenance of these automotive components.

  1. Taught by Experts

The United States has not a few expert instructors, you could even say they’re very abundant. The teachers have a high level of education and certainly have certifications that are recognized globally. So, you have a greater chance to learn directly from the experts.

  1. The Key to Career Success

The automotive engineering major is one of many majors whose career doors are very wide open. Thus, the opportunity to get a job faster is much greater.

With the provision of knowledge, expertise, accreditation, and university reputation, that has at least made it easier for you to achieve a more brilliant career.

  1. Internship Opportunity While Studying

So that you don’t just know the theory, you need an internship that you can do while in college. In fact, there are several companies that sometimes provide additional incentives for intern students.

Having this internship will further hone your skills and allow you to gain practical experience in a real industry. Generally, this activity takes place every 1–2 years in the summer.

Later, for selecting the type of industry, you can come from the campus or do the registrar yourself. Likewise, the internship position at the company can be adjusted to your individual career interests.

automotive technical institutes
  1. Globally Recognized Accreditation

Have you often heard that American graduates are highly valued in the career world? Of course, not because we studied in America, but because his accreditation has been recognized globally, including automotive technical institutes.

If examined, perhaps there are not a few campuses in America that also have the best accreditation from leading institutions, such as ABET (the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology).

Generally, there are two types of accreditation that ABET issues for this automotive engineering major, namely the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET and the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET.

Apart from ABET, there is also the ASE Education Foundation, which provides accreditation for this automotive technology department but specifically for postgraduate education, namely Master Automobile Service Technology, abbreviated as MAST.

So, why is accreditation so important? Because of accreditation, it can be seen whether a campus has met the qualifications for high-quality education or not. In fact, not a few recruiters look at campus accreditation.

Highest-paying Types of Automotive Jobs

Surely you already know that professions related to technology always get paid higher than other professions. However, they are much higher when juxtaposed with automotive engineering. So, what is the highest-paid automotive job? Here, we have prepared a complete list for you.

  1. Showroom Manager, with an average salary of $4,586 per month
  1. Automotive Sales, the average salary of $3,753 per month.
  1. Automotive Technician, with an average salary of $3,733 per month.
  1. Automotive Service Advisor, with an average salary of $3,000 per month.

With a nearly $5000 salary, is an automotive degree worth it? Of course, it’s really worth it. Not all professions can get a nominal salary like that.

automotive technical institutes

Apart from the four professions listed above, there are other professions that you can choose as an automotive engineering graduate, including Automotive Technologies, Auto Racing Sport, Entrepreneurship, Transport and Logistics Management, Sales Management, and Vehicle Distributorship.

If you feel that you are ready to major in automotive engineering, then the next step is to choose the best automotive technical institutes in America. Don’t forget, when choosing a campus, to make sure it’s accredited by ABET and the ASE Education Foundation. Thus, you don’t need to worry after graduating from the campus. In fact, it’s not you who should be looking for a job, it’s those opportunities that come your way. Are you ready to be the next automotive engineering student?

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