How Much Does a Car Mechanic Make a Year and What Are the Duties?

After graduating from an automotive or mechanical engineering major, there are various job options that you can pursue. One of them is to become a mechanic, but how much does a car mechanic make a year?

how much does a car mechanic make a year

How Much Does a Car Mechanic Make a Year?

Generally, some people think that a mechanic does not have a steady income Because they always receive payment according to the number of vehicles repaired. So it’s rare to ask how much does a car mechanic make a year?

But this turned out to be true only in small workshops, not with workshops that have developed rapidly. So, how much does a car mechanic make a year? Based on the research conducted, the salary of a mechanic is quite good. For example, in Canada, per year, you pay USD 55,760.

Then what is the highest-paid car mechanic? Experienced mechanics will only obtain the highest-paid car. Where can you be paid up to USD 78,000? Of course, these fantastic numbers make the mechanics very successful.

Actually, there are several factors that can affect how much does a car mechanic make a year, namely the type of vehicle engine you are working on. For example, the salary of a motorcycle mechanic is certainly not the same as that of a car mechanic.

So, with such a salary, is a mechanic career worth it to become a profession? Of course it’s very worth it, especially if you are experienced, and of course the results you get are not small. Whatever the job, if you do it well, it will definitely produce perfect results.

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What Are the Duties of an Auto Mechanic?

how much does a car mechanic make a year

Specifically, car mechanics have their own scope of work. As for the responsibility of the car mechanic, namely:

  1. Checking the Cause of Car Damage

If your car is damaged, then entrust it to a car mechanic. Because the mechanic will later be tasked with analyzing and researching the damage your car is experiencing. Of course, cars are much more car-savvy.

  1. Repairing Damage

When there is a breakdown, don’t fix it yourself. because of the risk of damage getting worse, especially if you mess with it. For that, leave this task to the car mechanic. Damage that is repaired as soon as possible also makes the car last longer.

So not only proper care and handling make it durable but also the speed of car repair when damage occurs. The aim is none other than for the mechanic to immediately detect which part of the car is problematic and must be repaired.

Remember, not all mechanics can fix all car brands. Moreover, each car brand has its own characteristics. So handling the problem is also different.

  1. Maintain Car Quality

In order for the performance to remain good, the car must maintain its quality. This is especially for those of you who have high mobility. In addition to improving performance, maintaining the quality of the car also considers the safety of the driver.

What are Different Mechanics and Mechanical?

Often, people assume that car mechanics and mechanical have the same job. Indeed, the two are closely related, but these are two different professions.

how much does a car mechanic make a year

The difference lies in its reach when it comes to repairing cars. Generally, the mechanic’s job is to check, repair, and then install the car parts. While mechanical, it focuses more on the engine. Because car engines are not something that just anyone can fix, leave it to the experts, namely mechanics.

So, if your car is having problems with its exterior or spare parts, the car mechanic is in charge of solving the problem. Another thing if the problem is with the engine, then entrust it to the mechanical.

The Skill You Need To Be A Mechanic

Now you know what a mechanic’s job is like, but it turns out that being a mechanic is not easy. Understand the following skills:

  1. Basic Knowledge of Vehicle Engines

Of course, this is the basis for doing your job as a mechanic, which requires having basic knowledge of vehicle engines.

Well, you can start by recognizing the parts of the vehicle as well as their functions. However, you can get this knowledge if you are a graduate majoring in automotive or mechanical engineering.

Even so, it is not possible to open positions for other majors. However, with a note that you must recognize vehicle parts like an automotive graduate,

  1. Computer Use

Who says mechanics only deal with car parts? However, even now, there are many cars that use electric fuel and are sophisticated. Cars with sophisticated features also require sophisticated tools to detect damage.

  1. Communication

All jobs certainly require good communication skills, including mechanics. Besides carrying out actual reports to superiors, the mechanic must also communicate with consumers to inform them of the condition of the vehicle and provide tips and tricks for using a more efficient vehicle.

  1. Damage Repair and Replacement

Make sure you know how to properly disassemble, repair, replace, and reassemble all vehicle parts. This skill is an absolute must-have because it is closely related to the duties of a mechanic.

how much does a car mechanic make a year

However, you don’t have to know very much when applying to become a mechanic. Because usually these skills will become more perfect with time and experience working on various car problems.

So, is being a mechanic healthy? Actually, it’s safe if you know the details of the basic knowledge of the vehicle well. For this reason, it is very important to study vehicles seriously so you don’t take the wrong steps in the world of work. So, learning theory and improving skills is a very good combination of knowledge for this profession. After knowing how much does a car mechanic make a year? Are you now interested in becoming a car mechanic? Before becoming a mechanic, make sure you have mastered the skills needed to be accepted at the company.

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