Senior Industrial Engineer with Automotive Assembly Experience

If you are a creative and innovative person in the car industry with a passion for cars, we have a thrilling opportunity for you to join our team. As a Vehicle Specialist at our company, you will have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects, work together with a skilled team of professionals, and substantially impact the vehicle industry. We are in search of someone who is devoted, diligent, and has a sharp eye for the automotive industry. If this sounds like you, we encourage you to apply for this position.


Job title: Senior Industrial Engineer with Automotive Assembly Experience

Company: The Productivity Team

Job description: Sr. Industrial Engineer – OEM Automotive Assembly

Candidates will require a good understanding of Automotive Assembly Process in an assembly plant environment with Modapts certification and applications.

Industrial Engineers would be responsible for the following activities

a. Work directly with Process Engineers to ensure that all process sheet steps have been addressed in the work assignment (including safety / critical joints, tooling, and quality inclusions as applicable).

b. Create Standard Work with Modapts time utilizing AMPS

c. Identify work requirements by VA / NVA to help identify and eliminate waste in the process.

d. Work with all other departments (Tooling, Ergonomics, Quality, Materials, etc.) to ensure that everything is in place that is identified in the Standard Work.

e. Review work assignments with the Union in the WPI environment to gain buyoff on the elements, order of execution, and times assigned.

f. Review layouts established by WPI to ensure that the facility requirements and NVA walk meet the expectations of the Standard Work and buyoff layout.

g. Provide documentation to union workers to validate Standard Work during slow builds at build locations, and Pilot builds at the assembly plants.

h. Perform Rate Capability requirements during builds to ensure that the Standard Work meets the requirement and is not over cycle.

i. Meet HPV and Quality requirements

Qualifications of Engineers:

a. Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or related field

b. MODAPTS certified and proficient

c. Proficient in MS Office / Google Suite applications

d. Experience working in a union environment

e. Strong communication and presentation skills

f. Experience utilizing AMPs preferred (Bidder responsible for training as required)

i. Senior Level

1. 7 years of Automotive assembly experience in an Industrial Engineering position

2. 2 years of leadership experience

ii. Intermediate Level

1. 5 years of manufacturing experience in an Industrial Engineering position

Expected salary:

Location: Warren, MI

Job date: Wed, 29 Mar 2023 01:09:37 GMT

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We appreciate your interest for contemplating this enthralling opportunity to become a part of our team in this car industry. We are confident that our company provides a unique and fulfilling work environment, with chances for advancement. If you are zealous about the automotive industry and have the skills and knowledge we are seeking, we urge you to submit your application today. We are eagerly anticipating hearing from you soon and possibly welcoming you to our team.

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